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wine cork fabric printing

The last experience I had with DIY fabric prints left me excited to try it out with other objects from around the house.  So, when I came across a wine cork while cleaning the kitchen I knew immediately what my next print design would be...
After gathering a few supplies, I was able to create a fun print in just a few minutes for the backpack I was working on.

(My little helper created his own design on paper)
I used a paint brush to fill in the spots that were missing paint.   
Once the paint dried, I finished cutting and assembling the backpack pieces. The lining, backpack straps, and doll dress were all made using scraps from these teacher gifts.
I really enjoy making these backpack dolls because each one is unique, and I can't wait to see how the next one will turn out.. I wonder what new "stamp" I will come across next?!

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