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tie shirt tutorial

  • tie pattern cut to desired size - (comes in 2T, 3T, 4T, but can be easily adjusted to any size you want)
  • thrifted shirt (or other material ~ 14" x 5")
  • t-shirt
  • coordinating thread
  • 1 sheet of double stick fusible web (I used Steam-A-Seam2)
  • iron
  • sewing machine (with a zigzag stitch)

Trace the pattern on the fusible web and cut it out.  Hint: cut inside the line so that your fusible web is slightly smaller that the fabric - no mess on your iron!

Position your pattern on the thrifted shirt to get the design effect you like (I like the stripes to run diagonally across the tie). 

Pin (or if you are impatient like me, use washers to weight it down) and cut out the tie.
This step is optional: I like the stripes to run in the opposite direction on the top portion of the tie (piece-A) - giving it a little more detail.  In my case, because the thrifed shirt was woven and the design was the same on both sides - I simply cut off piece-A and...

flipped it over to get the desired effect.

If your fabric is not the same on both sides, you will need to cut out a second piece-A from your thrifted shirt/fabric to get the effect you want.  

If you decide to go with the optional step above, you will also need to cut piece-A and B apart on the fusible web.

...like this.

The next step is to place the fusible web onto the back of the tie.  Simply peel one side of the paper off and stick it to the tie.  If you need to adjust the placement, just peel it off and try again. 

Once it is in the correct position, peel off the other side of paper and line the tie up in the center of the t-shirt.  Adjust as needed until it is just right. I usually just fold the t-shirt in half and crease it lightly with my finger to find the center.

Following the instructions on the fusible web package, iron the tie into place.

The key to sewing all the way around the tie with out having to overlap your stitching (if you decided to go with the optional step) is to start in the middle of piece-A and B.  Tip: I like to back stitch using a straight stitch first before starting the zigzag.

Continue around the tie using a zigzag stitch.

keep going...

and going...

Almost there...

Finished! Now that was super easy, wasn't it?

More Shirts...
These outfits were made for a beach wedding we attended last summer.  The shorts were made from a thrifted gray linen dress, seen here.

After making the tutorial, I decided the boys needed one in (nearly) every color of the rainbow - perfect for color day at school!




  1. thanks for the great tutorial! Made one for my boy, turned out pretty cute!http://omi-creates.blogspot.com/2010/02/tie-tee.htmlNaomi

  2. Ill try it this weekend, have you ever considered making bow ties?

  3. Thanks for the pattern...the ironic thing is that I just last night got frustrated making my own patterns for 3 different sized shirts. Should have done that google search then :)

  4. Brilliant. Must do this for my boys. Long sleeves over here now though...

  5. I made onsies for our son who is due in June. http://thecraftyqueensblog.blogspot.com/ Thank you!!

  6. You are so awesome. I can't wait to make one (or two) of these!

  7. thank you so much for the tie pattern, you just saved me hours of trying to make my own. i am going to make a valentine's day tie shirt for my 3 year old son...thank you again...going to check out the rest of your blog

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  9. I used your tutorial and pattern to create tie shirts for my boys for Valentine's day. I had to tweak it a bit since I didn't have any fusible webbing (but having some would have definitely made it much easier!)


  10. Thank you for the tutorial & pattern! I used your pattern to make my son's tie shirts for Mother's Day. Blogged at http://willyount.blogspot.com/2012/05/mothers-day.html.

  11. your effort make it easy to follow...I wish to try it out someday.

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  12. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I love it.

  13. Thank you for this tutorial! I needed one of these for a beach wedding this October for my grandson and I think it's going to turn out great!

  14. GREAT pattern and instructions!! My Grandson will look mighty handsome...:D

  15. Just made matching shirts for my boys for Christmas day, green shirts with polka dot ties look so neat, cant wait to see them on, worth sitting up til 1.30am =)