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reusable lunch bag



I just love the idea of reusable lunch bags, along with teaching my little ones how to be less wasteful.  This lunch kit (bag, snack baggies, and sandwich wrap) is for my oldest son who is attending preschool this year.

Thanks to my wonderful friends Kelly and Michael, who have generously given me a ton of thrifted fabric, I was able to make this whole lunch set for just pennies!

(I apologize for the terrible pictures)


  1. I love this idea. Very cute. And great to get them started on being eco friendly when theyre still young. Question - is that striped fabric lined with a clear vinyl or something? How do you keep the bread from drying out otherwise?

  2. I was about to comment with almost exactly Laumes question; do the sandwiches dry out at all wrapped in fabric?

  3. I just bought some bags like the snack bags you made off of etsy and i love them but thought i could make my own. I would like the fabric that is vinyl like on one side so i could send squishy things like raisins and make sure the mess is contained. I cant tell from the pics if thats what you used, but do you know where to get it, or what its actually called?

  4. The sandwich wrap is made out of a gallon-sized ziploc bag (cut apart - aprox. 11X 11),fabric, and velcro. I just serged around the edges of the fabric and the ziploc, and then added the velcro - super easy! For the baggies, I just used some nylon fabric I had around. The book Sewing Green has some suggestions on water resistant materials to use, but I just used what I had on hand.