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What a relief to be finished making costumes (see the others here and here).  With the help of some good music and strong coffee, I was able to stick it out until 2am last night.  I am quite surprised that I am still functioning after all that and a school Halloween Party - Go Me!!

My oldest is at the age where I no longer have a say in his Halloween costumes, hence the Batboy costume.  I was still able to keep it semi-homemade (I made the cape and appliques).  My youngest though, is still young enough to be influenced by mom, but as you can see he influenced by big brother too. As a happy medium we came up with - Recycle Man, saving the earth one recyclable at a time!!!  The best part of these costumes is that they now have new sweatshirts and pants that can be warn any time, not just on Halloween - total bonus!!

And as a reward for finishing... an evening of reading this book and listening to the soothing sound of my sick hubby snoring...well, OK, the at least the reading will be rewarding.


  1. oh, man. those are so super. Well done!

  2. Stephanie and CarlosDecember 27, 2009 at 5:17 PM

    Recycle Man... now that is a super hero who could totally rock out with Captain Planet!!!xo Steph