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handmade gifts: part 1

::A manly kitchen




and after (total cost ~$20).




The cabinet was a thrift store find, and with a little paint and a faucet donated by our friend Michael, we were able to convert it into a manly kitchen perfect for our 2 year-old little chef.  


  1. oh MY!!! Very cool. Great refashion? :)

  2. Tricia (Little eco footprints)January 16, 2010 at 5:06 PM

    Wow! Im inspired! My daughter would love one of these for her upcoming birthday....Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  3. Cute! what did you use for the area where the knobs are attached? and the oven doors? and where did you get your inspiration?

  4. Hi Pai,My husband cut a piece of plywood the size of the gap (where the knobs are placed)and painted it to match. For the doors, he flipped them around because I liked the smooth front better than the original grooved one. I actually got the idea for the stone counter top from a kitchen I found on Flickr in the Play Kitchen Pool - I hope that helps!