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gift set inspired by MADE

Organic 2

Organic 1 1

Wa 3

a little Washington love


I adore the knee pads - such a great way to add detail to a simple pantBlue pants


This gift set is for a darling little boy who is turning one next week.  He is a serious crawler, and these knee pad pants (made from men's XL t-shirts) are super soft - perfect for padding his cute little knees.  Both the pants and the freezer paper printed t's are inspired by tutorials over at MADE - thank you Dana!  I just love how simple and fun they are.


  1. These are lovely. Wonderfully simple! I need to learn how to make pants.

  2. Thanks Holly! The pants are so fast and easy to make, and Dana's tutorial walks you through step-by-step. I highly recommend giving it a try... you will be hooked!

  3. Do you have a link to the WA state stencil? I'm from WA too and would love to add this to a shirt!

  4. And a Washington girl, to boot?

    What a find I've made tonight. I'm so looking forward to these archives...