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a succulent gift

OK, I have to admit, I  waited until the last minute to get my Mother's Day gifts in order, but I am happy to report that they are finally finished.   And boy are they succulent! (no peeking Shelley and Julie)
Finished 5

Oh, and did I mention that they are super easy to make? Here's How:
Materials: (please note: I am not a garden expert by any stretch of the imagination)
  • shallow pot (if there are no drainage holes, you can always drill a few - carefully)
  • cactus or succulent potting mix
  • pebbles (optional)
  • succulents - I used some we had in the yard

Gather your materials...
Succulent 3

(I have to admit that I am a little embarrassed to share this) when these succulents were given to me about 2 years ago by my dad, I set them on the rocks in front of our house expecting to plant them in the perfect place... but here we are two years later, and they are still sitting on the rocks. OOPS! But I have to say they are doing really well, and spreading like crazy! I could not have picked a better spot if I tried.
Succulent 4

Fill the pots about 2/3 full with potting mix
Succulent 5

Gently insert the roots of the succulent into the soil and tuck some soil around the base of the plant
Succulent 7

Add some pebbles if you like (these are actually beach rocks) - making this a little oasis of sorts!

Finished 4

And that's it! See, I told you it was super easy!
Happy Mother's Day to my Mom - an amazingly creative woman with a brilliantly green thumb!  - I love you. I miss you.  I cherish every day we had together.
And Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there!


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