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a summer tote

It is amazing how a little spring cleaning can rejuvenate my creative spirit.

I spotted this chartreuse scrap of fabric while reorganizing my sewing room, and was instantly inspired to create.  Something. 

Something fresh.  Something clean.

So a bag it was.  Perfect for a spontaneous adventure in the sun.   

 Made entirely of recycled materials - thrifted fabric and a belt.  I love it.  Love the idea of creating something new from something old.

Summer fun, here we come!

(now we just need to convince Mother Nature to turn off the rain and bring on the shine!)


  1. Charming! It looks perfect for bright, summer adventures. I will have to keep the belt-handle idea in mind.

  2. that is so so beautiful! Your photos are always amazing, too.

  3. Oh! I really like how there is triangle sticking out! REALLY like it. Such a nice touch!
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