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gift of organization

My best friend Kelly e-mailed me with "a small request"  for a few fabric envelopes.  She wanted to take back some counter space and, having seen the envelopes we use, she thought they would be the perfect organizing solution. 
Using thrifted fabric left over from this project and this project, and zippers from my stash, I was able to make a fun gift for my friend for very little money - gotta love a thrifty gift(y)!
The bow was a spur of the moment idea - and a way to use more of my scraps. 
So Kel, I hope this works!


  1. they turn out very nice - I'm also fancying envelopes / pouches these days, to carry prettu much everything and avoid mess in my purse..
    did you use rubber stamps to spell the words? may I ask where you got them from??

  2. Thank you.  I did use rubber stamps, and I believe I purchased them from Joann's Fabric - this font was a lot more expensive than the others for some reason, but with a 40% off coupon I was able to get them for a reasonable price. 

  3. After we clean up from the little project we have going now with Servpro, I will put them to use immediately. Thanks so much for fulfilling my request so quickly! You are the best!

  4. i just found your blog (via...umm...i can't remember now)...& YOU ARE AMAZING! i'll certainly be visiting again once we are all unpacked (moving back home to WA after a few years in NC) & i have time to make the bazillion AMAZING gifts you have pictured here :) keep up the good work...

  5. Thank you Jlyn, that is very sweet. I hope your move goes well! Thanks for visiting.