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all patched up

"Any day spent sewing, is a good day."
Between building with blocks, riding bikes, and a visit to the library, I managed to find a few spare moments to sew patches.  The rhythm of the needle in my hand provided calm (and sanity) I desperately needed.
I am amazed at how fast I can acquire holes in my pants, this one was huge.  No one told me that was in the job description when I decided to be a mom.  Guess I should have read the fine print.
The patches are scraps from a shortened skirt.


  1. This is a great look!
    Hey, Emily, I wanted you to know that I mentioned your great tutorial on making shorts out of men's shirts on my podcast today. I made four pairs and they turned out just great!
    Here's the link to the podcast list - it's in Episode 5. Thanks so much for a great tutorial!!!

  2. Anne, thanks for the mention on your podcast! You really provides some great ideas and information, I plan on listening to the rest of the podcasts very soon.  thanks again.