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halloween concentration game DIY

Every Halloween my son's preschool does "trunk-or-treat," where the kids go around to the parents' cars and get their goodies. 
The teachers ask that we give out non-candy items (which I think is great). 
So this year I decided to have a little fun with it and make my own.  I thought a Halloween Concentration Game would be perfect because it is fun for all ages. 

I adapted the hang tag tutorial to make the cards for the Game.  (and Free to print - can't beat that!)

I used sheer black ribbon to package them up. 
Doesn't the knot look like a bat, maybe?  OK, that might be a stretch, but I am going with it!
If you would like to use the game pieces that I created, just click on each image below, and download it to your computer.  I had them printed as 4X6, and they were ready to pick up in 15 minutes.  

thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love them! And the bow truly looks like a bat; it was not just your imagination!

  2. very nice !! I just (wel, just.. a few weeks ago..) made a (very easy) memory game like that!
    I like your colour theme though!

  3. Emily! I'm so impressed with your blog and DIY goodies. I had no idea you had this going on. How fun! xo
    P.S. Yes, it totally looks like a bat - it's perfect!

  4. These are super cute. I love to play the game concentration too!
    Just Better Together

  5. Love this! I will be printing a ton of these for my son's call Halloween party. Thank you for sharing. Smiles...

  6. Clever, I'm thinking about sharing these with my daughters class. Luv the idea, thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for sharing this printable! What a fun game... THANK YOU!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I am a little slow this morning so maybe someone can help. Double sided prints??? Or would we have to glue them together?? Do photo places do double sidded printing?? See, I'm confussed?? LOVE THEM THOUGH!

  9. Kara, sorry for the confusion about the backing, I didn't make double sided cards. For the sake of time and money I opted to leave them white. If you wanted to attach a backing, I think a little rubber cement between the two layers would work great.

  10. Great! if only I had bumped into this 1 month ago. But I may just do some myself for Christmas. Doing it with kids is also great.