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halloween fun

Harbor halloween 2010 2

We had a fun (and dry!) Halloween this year.  Harbor halloween 2010

And aparently everyone else in the town came out to enjoy the beautiflul weather as well - WOW!

Harbor halloween 2010 4

The folks downtown are very gratious (and brave) to come out and share treats with SO many costumed kiddos. 

Toothless 5

I think the sheer number of people was a bit much for my boys...

  Toothless collage

but I was able to get a few pictures amongst the chaos.

Toothless 4

Cowboy collage
My little cowboy really got into character by yelling, "Howdy Partner!" to everyone he passed. 
And he was thrilled to meet a few celebrities along the way (so thirlled infact, he asked if he could go home with them).


But I have to say...


Dots 2
these moments were by far the most wonderful.


Happy November 1st!




  1. what effect did you use on those last two pictures. Really cool. And what a CUTE town you live in!

  2. Toothless has got to be my favourite costume this year. Great job!!

  3. Thank you Su!  It was a lot of fun to make.

  4. Super sweet! I always enjoy your blog. Your photos are wonderful and I am definitely making the chicken soup that you posted after this post...yummy!

  5. Do you have any advice on how to make this toothless costume? It's so cute! I have twin boys who are almost 3 and they want to be toothless and hiccup.