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gifts for little friends

I love books.

Growing up, books filled our house. They were on every shelf, stacked next to every bed, and at the bottom of every beach bag. (My mom would have gladly taken her teacher salary in payments of books instead of money.) And things haven't changed much now that I am an adult.

When it comes to giving gifts, books top the list. The ones above are some that the boys picked out for their little friends who are having birthdays this week. 

I wanted to include something handmade with their books, so I decided to try my hand at making hair clips. Have you tried these?! Not having girls of my own, I am probably behind the times in this department, but WOW! they are fun to make. For those of you, like me, who don't have the time or the patients for tedious projects, I highly recommenced giving these a try.  They are easy to make and can be done in a short amount of time, with minimal cost.

To package them up, I made drawstring gift bags, and attached the hair clips to the gift tags.


  1. Very cute! I love the idea of packaging book-gifts in handmade-gifts. It combines two of my favorite things...

    I only have two boys too, and I SO enjoyed making some frilly flower hair clips to give to my niece for Christmas.

  2. Love these ... I love books as a present too ... Blueberries for sal is also a favorite ... Thanks for sharing