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more fort kits & a great tip!

I had a lot of fun assembling these FORT KITS for a wonderful preschool teacher we know.  She is giving them to her niece and nephew for their birthdays, and when I explained this to my three year old I thought that that explanation would suffice... boy was I wrong! I had no idea that I was opening such a big can of worms. He had a really hard time wrapping his brain around the meaning of "neeph" and nephew, and insisted on discussing it for the ENTIRE day! Kids are so funny. 

GEOMETRIC fort kit:

RAINBOW fort kit:

The bags for both kits were made from thrifted material. I am sorry that I don't have pictures of the contents of each of those bags, but this photo shoot took place during the spare 3 minutes and 27 seconds I had before we had to leave for school (literally). I can't believe I actually got two that were decent enough to show you.

Here is a great tip from a reader: Littel Holts suggested that instead of (or in addition to) sewing ties on the sheets, create casings for the rope. Fold down each corner, and half way between each corner, about an inch, and sew.  This is a simple, but sturdy, way to thread the ropes through.


  1. Your kits are AMAZING! I just can't get over how creative & wonderful the idea & realization is for each one.

  2. Love the fort idea. Any kid would love that!!


  3. I love this idea. Hope to use it in the future.

  4. Just curious - did you use a pattern for this bag. I love the round bottom and was not sure how to make it. Thanks!

  5. @Anonymous, I did not use a pattern, I just figured it out as I went. But, it is a very basic pattern - a rectangular piece of fabric sewn into a cylinder and a circle for the bottom, and then a casing at the top for the drawstrings. I did line the bag, but that is optional.

    If you use the math equation at the bottom of the RETRO DUFFEL tutorial (http://www.saltwater-kids.com/2008/10/retro-duffel-bag-tutorial.html), (under "Need a different size"), you can easily figure out what size circle you need for the bottom (or if you know what size circle/bottom you want, then you can figure out what size rectangle to cut.) I hope that makes sense. Thanks for stopping by.