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whoever said doing laundry wasn't fun?


Have a great weekend!


  1. Hmmm...now I want to see more of your laundry room. That bucket marked "Stained" is such a great idea! What are your other buckets?

  2. The two other white bins are labeled "wet rags" and "clean rags" and a small metal bucket is labeled "laundry lady tip jar" for all the change I find in pockets. I wish there was more to show, but what you see in the picture is pretty much the extent of my laundry room - just a through way to the garage.

  3. very cute pics ! fun way to see laundry day !!!!!

  4. If your little one ever goes from dangling his feet into the washer to climbing in the dryer and getting stuck, just turn the drum 'til he's on his back, then slowly ease him out.

    Our family learned this when my littlest brother hid in the dryer during hide and seek. Twenty years later, the knowing this came in handy when my oldest son climbed in the dryer feet first one afternoon and got stuck.