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home sweet home

A few weeks ago we brought home a box of cute, fluffy, peeping chicks. The boys were beyond excited, spending every waking moment in the garage, hanging out with the girls.  

Having transformed into teenage wild-women, the box in the garage was cramping their style. They were in desperate need of some room to express themselves.
So, to accommodate their growing needs, the boys set to work finishing up the coop for these little ladies - Betty, Helen, and Elenore. 

Sunday was move-in day, and so far they seem to be loving it!

We are all eagerly awaiting that first egg. It should be an egg-straordinary event! (sorry, I couldn't help myself)

Welcome home little ladies!  

I would really like to make a "fresh brown eggs" sign, but I am not sure how I want to go about making it. Any suggestions?


  1. Very Cute. Lil Blue Boo has a few handmade distressed sign ideas. Try there. I would love chickens, as long as someone else was cleaning up after them, and they were quiet. It would be so fun t collect eggs in a little basket.

  2. We've talked about getting chickens, but the racoons would love them too much.

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  3. I'm from Poulsbo and we've had chickens for longer than I can remember! It's been so fun to have the fresh, yummy eggs and all of the grandsons have SO much fun going to visit Poppie and getting to go visit the chickens with him!

  4. I want some chicks!! I hope you guys get a nice little egg for Easter :) xo

  5. Oh my!! I absolutely LOVE this post! I'm a first grade teacher, and the kindergarten classes at my school just hatched eggs. One of the little chicks has totally stolen my heart - he's gone home with me just about every night this week, and I can't seem to get enough of his tiny cuteness!! If only I had a space for chickens!!!

    Have fun with your fresh eggs!! :) Can't wait to see more pictures of the lovely ladies.

  6. Very cute coop! They look like happy ladies :)

  7. She gives a great tutorial on making a sign here!!
    Annie Williams


  8. I have chickens in my backyard (in the city) and they are great! All out neighbors refer to us as the chicken people. They're fun pets to have and realtively low maintenance!