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Kelly Bag

It seems that I have been on a bag making roll, especially from thrifted skirts and dresses. The Kelly bag is hot off the sewing machine. My best friend Kelly is turning 30, and for three years now we have discussed the idea of me making a purse for her, but it just never materialized.
So, this year her husband called me and asked if I was still up for it. She apparently has been hanging on to a skirt (which was way too big for her) because she loved the fabric. I was totally game; half the battle for me is picking out the fabric anyway. He brought the skirt in a discrete paper bag, and said he snuck it out of the house and apologized that he didn't wash it (she would have been suspicious if she caught him trying to work the washer and dryer.)
I based the design on this tutorial. Here is the result, I hope she likes it!

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  1. Im sorry I havent seen this post sooner! The bag is amazing and just what I have always wanted. The only thing better than the bag was our picnic at the beach with friends. Thanks again Em! Everyone needs a friend like you!