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My first post for Wardrobe Refashion:

Total Cost: $2

I purchased this skirt for $1 from my favorite thrift store. It was just too long and ruffled for my liking, so I removed the ruffle at the bottom. The edges of the skirt were already raw, making this refashion super fast and easy (under 10 minutes!) For the lining, I serged the hem and left about 1/4 in. peaking out . The black shirt in the "after" photo was purchased from the same thrift store for $1.

Total cost: $1

These shorts (3T) are made from a thrifted shirt using my own pattern. One sleeve was used as a side pocket for the shorts. I have several more of these in the works for this summer!

Total Cost: Free
(old shirt, paint, thread from my stash)

This is a shirt I just finished for my Hubby! I used the reverse applique technique from this book. The "recycle" image is first painted on using a stencil, and then a second piece of jersey fabric is pined to the back. Then it is hand stitched around the edge of the entire "recycle" image. When finished, the center is cut out, revealing the background fabric. (It is hard to see in this picture because the background fabric is black too. )


  1. great job on all your refashions, look forward to seeing more!

  2. GigHarborUndressedJuly 4, 2009 at 12:09 AM

    Wow, youve got some great ideas and refashions on here! Do you sell anything or all just for your family? I found you via a Google alert for Gig Harbor and am very impressed!

  3. Thanks! I am not selling any refashions at this time, but perhaps soon!

  4. Found you through refashion wardrobe. LOVE the shorts...my son would love it if I made him a pair like that. I must start digging up those button down shirts I got at the thrift store last year.

  5. Stephanie and CarlosDecember 27, 2009 at 4:40 PM

    Look at you go girl!! Great stuff very inspiring... Ill have to keep my eye out for a 3T mans shirt for hubby rather than a dress for me next time!!! followed the WR blog...xo Steph