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over the edge!

These little skirts pushed me over the edge... I have two boys, and the closest girl in our family is a second cousin who lives many miles away, but I just had to make one because they are SO darn cute! This one I gave to the darling little girl that I watch during the day, her personality fits this skirt to a T! I have plans to make more if I can find some little girls to give them to. The tutorial for these skirts are from one of my favorite blogs, MADE. I have used a number of her tutorials and there are many more I would love to try!


  1. GigHarborUndressedJuly 30, 2009 at 12:25 AM

    Ive got a nearly 2 year old little girl who would love to be your model! Make stuff for her anytime!

  2. its Adorable! This is going to sound weird, but seeing someone make something really cute from a tutorial I created is a huge compliment. Im glad you were able to create a beautiful skirt! And great idea to make them as gifts or to giveaway. Maybe you should host a giveaway on your blog....? :)Very cute!

  3. I saw this your post on wardrobe refashion and I had to comment because I have two boys myself. I love Dadas MADE blog and this tutorial is awesome, but I dont have any little girls to sew for. Im glad you found someone to make the skirt for. I am debating whether to make it, just to say I did or wait until Ive got a reason to make such a cute skirt. Great job!