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Scavenger Hunt Cards - Reusable Party Favors

For my son's Birthday I wanted be as green as possible, so I decided to give away party favors that could be used again after the party. I had seen cute scavenger hunt cards on Etsy, and I decided to make some cards tailored to the area where we live. My boys gathered items from our beach and surrounding woods, and I photographed all of the treasures and added the words using Picasa from Google. When it came time to print I considered doing it on my printer and then laminating each of them, but it just seemed like a lot of work. I had heard a lot about the printing site MOO, and I decided the mini cards woud be a perfect size and strength for this project. When the cards arrived I simply punched holes in each, and strung them on some twine and added a wooden bead. They turned out better than expected! They are the perfect size to keep in my purse, and use anywhere we go.


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