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handmade gifts: part 3

::tree pillow

 This tree pillow was made for my best friend Kelly-Jo. We have had numerous conversations about how much we love trees...we are drawn to them - maybe growing up in the Pacific Northwest has something to do with it.

::recycle shirt


Kelly's husband Michael (Michael Recycle! as my boys call him - yes, he does own the book) was the recipient of this shirt.  He is in the recycled goods business, and is always giving us all kinds of treasures (clothing, fabric, and more), so this gift seemed fitting for him!

I used reverse applique to create the design (also seen here and here).


  1. I love both of the gifts - found you through WR, I love your blog and will have to try the reverse applique as well!

  2. Oh my gosh, that tree pillow is way too cool. You have such great style. Love it.

  3. Is there a tutorial? I would love to make this pillow.

  4. Hi Erin, I will be happy to post tutorial soon, thanks for asking!

  5. What fabrics did you use for this pillow? Really looking forward to the tutorial, hope to see it soon!