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testing, testing...

pattern testing that is!

When Dana, over at MADE,asked me to test her new pattern, I jumped at the chance. She is always coming up with amazing designs, and her instructions are so easy to follow, so it was a no-brainer.  

When I found out that it was the Beach Robe pattern, I was even more excited! You see, my boys have swimming lessons twice a week, and we are constantly using beach towels. Unfortunately, those towels have seen better days, which is why this project was so perfect!

I let my son pick the color, and he of course went with his favorite - ORANGE!... we're talking BRIGHT orange.

One of the great things about this pattern, is that it offers so many different options. I used one of my old shirts to make the optional lined hood.

I have dreams of seeing this Beach Robe on an actual beach, but sadly the only sunshine we have around here is liquid sunshine. But I can dream right?!

So, by now it is probably pretty obvious that I am smitten with this pattern, but the best part is that he absolutely LOVES his new Beach Robe (and refuses to use any other towel in the house). This pattern earned a five star rating from us, and is going on the short list of Birthday gift ideas.

Here is the link to the Beach Robe pattern.

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  1. Yours came out so cute. I was definitely pretty excited too when I saw that's what her new pattern is. Adorbs.

  2. i love the pictures. they are too funny!
    you did a great job...i'm just stopping by from made. and i'm also your newest follower!

  3. I just love these pictures! How cool!

  4. Thank you Jessica, Quinn, and Isabelle!

  5. Great combination of colors! Love it!