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artzooka! superfan costume

Have you seen this show? Around here, Artzooka! is tops. The word "Artzooka!" is mention at least 15 times a day in our house. 


Jeremie, the host, makes cool stuff using recycled materials. My kids spend hours upon hours designing and building all kinds of wonderful things from their very own "Artzooka! bin" of recycled items.

Just the other day, my oldest said to me, "Mom, we don't need to buy toys because we can make our own that are WAY cooler!"  

It warms my heart to hear my kids say stuff like that! 

When it came time to decide on a Halloween costume for my oldest, it was a no-brainer.  Yep, one Artzooka! costume coming up. 

With a little freezer paper stenciling on a dollar store t-shirt we were in business - total cost, about $3.

The picture above is from a costume birthday party he attended last weekend.  Together we made a duct tape wallet for the birthday boy (Artzooka! inspired, of course) - and it was a hit!

The Artzooka! show is on the Canadian public television station, CBC (that we just happen to get here in the Pacific Northwest). You can find some fun craft ideas HERE on the Artzooka! website, and we are crossing our finger and hoping the Artzooka! show will be available on DVD! 


  1. Love it! So does Michael Recycle!

  2. I just found your site through MADE. I've never seen this show and don't let my kids watch TV, but I think I can make an exception for this! We're American ex-pats living in Canada, so I'll bet we can easily find this show. We spend our days making stuff from stuff (new and old), so this looks like it would be a great show for our house.

  3. I just found you through Made and I LOVE it! I love all your ideas - simple and refreshing. Keep it up!

  4. I also just found you through Made! And the first post I see is about Artzooka - I'm in Canada, but we cancelled our tv, and CBC does not put all of its shows on their site. Too bad, it's a great show! Looking forward to checking out more of your site!